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Hints & Tips

Q. I just moved house and my washing machine is not going all the way through the cycle?
A. Maybe the hot and cold hoses are back to front.

Q. I have a two door fridge-freezer and the freezer is still cold but the fridge isn't?
A. It probably has a gas leak and requires re-gassing.

Q. My clothes dryer seems to be getting hot but the clothes come out damp?
A. Check the lint filter, if it's O.K then the fan belt and ensure the fan is working properly.

Q. My washing machine doesn't go at all, even when I turn the dial to the middle of the cycle?
A. May be the lid is worn or broken. The lid has a 'striker' that pushes on the lid switch to start the washing machine.

Q. I have grease like stains on my clothes, is it from the washing machine?
A. Sometimes, but a lot of the time it is from the use of fabric softener. Fill the bowl with hot water and soak with borax, this should remove most of the build up.

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